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This Journal is an academic, interdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed publication (Print ISSN 2162-3104 & Online ISSN 2166-3750) on international student affairs published from the United States of America. The goal of the Journal is to feature narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, student/faculty reflections, study abroad experience, and book reviews relevant to international students and their cross-cultural experiences and understanding in higher education.

Published quarterly (spring, summer, fall and winter), the Journal encourages the submission of manuscripts from around the world, and from a wide range of academic fields, including international education, student affairs, linguistics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, international business and cultural studies. Please review some sample articles or PDF BookAmong the topics that Journal focuses on are:

    • Trends and issues of international student and scholar mobility
    • Cross-cultural studies (adjustment, culture shock, acculturation, self-esteem)
    • Intercultural communication, intercultural relations, student involvement
    • Overseas study, learning/teaching styles, class participation
    • Globalization, internationalization, cultural influences
    • Expectations, experiences and resources for international GA/GTAs
    • Internationalization of teaching, learning and research
    • Psychological trends and issues of international students
    • English language proficiency, learning outcomes, college experience
    • International student retention, admissions, transfer, support systems
    • Study abroad preparation, role of agents or consultancies
    • Higher educational policies of sending and hosting countries
    • Immigration issues and visa policies of international students
    • Student online forum and use of networking and technology
    • Faculty-study relations,  peer relationships for international students
    • Academic and immigration advisors, student college success
    • College culture (classroom expectations, academic honesty, plagiarism)
    • Multiculturalism, diversity, hybridity and diaspora  [click HERE for the full list]

Please submit your work to the Editor, krishna.bista@gmail.com. Submission due: Spring: December 1; Summer: March 1; Fall: July 1; and Winter: September 1 . There is nauthor submission or acceptance fee to publish in this journal.  Translate this page

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