Welcome to the Journal of International Students (JIS)!

This Journal is an academic, interdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed publication (Print ISSN 2162-3104 & Online ISSN 2166-3750) on international student affairs published from the United States of America. The goal of the Journal is to feature narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, student/faculty reflections, study abroad experience, and book reviews relevant to international students and their cross-cultural experiences and understanding in higher education.

Published quarterly (spring, summer, fall and winter), the Journal encourages the submission of manuscripts from around the world, and from a wide range of academic fields, including international education, student affairs, linguistics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, international business and cultural studies. Please review some sample articles . Among the topics that Journal focuses on are:

  • Trends and issues of international student and scholar mobility
  • Cross-cultural studies (adjustment, culture shock, acculturation, self-esteem)
  • Overseas study, learning/teaching styles, class participation
  • Globalization, internationalization, cultural influences
  • International student retention, admissions, transfer, support systems
  • Higher educational policies of sending and hosting countries
  • Immigration issues and visa policies related to international students
  • College culture (classroom expectations, academic integrity)
  • Multiculturalism, diversity, hybridity and diaspora  [click HERE for the full list]

Please submit your work to the Editor, Dr. Krishna Bista at contact@jistudents.org. Submission due: Spring: December 1; Summer: March 1; Fall: July 1; and Winter: September 1 . There is nauthor submission or acceptance fee to publish in this journal.  Translate this page

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