2014 Volume 4(4)

2014 Volume 4 Issue 4 -JIS JPG2014 Volume 4 Number 4:  ([Print] [Online]

 Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna Bista, Academic Editor: Dr. Charlotte Foster

Table of Contents 

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Peer-Reviewed Articles  

  1. East Asian International Students and Psychological Wellbeing: A Systematic Review. By Jiaqi Li, PhD,  Yanlin Wang (Doctoral Student), and Feiya Xiao (Doctoral Student), Texas Tech University (USA), pp. 301-313
  2. Acculturation and Linguistic Factors on International Students’ Self-Esteem and Confidence. By Iris Y. Lopez, PsyD, Persona Neurobehavioral Group (USA); Ngoc H. Bui, PhD, University of La Verne (USA), pp. 314-329
  3. International Students’ Confidence and Academic Success. By Nicola Miky Telbis, PhD, Lars Helgeson, PhD, Cheryl Kingsbury, PhD, University of North Dakota (USA), pp. 330-341
  4. Teaching Expatriate Adaptation While Dealing With Reality: The Impact of a Tragedy on the Study-Abroad Experience. By Kenneth J. Levine, PhD, University of Tennessee at Knoxville (USA), Sally L. Levine, MArch, Case Western Reserve University (USA), pp. 342-350
  5. The Value of International Experiences for Business Students:Measuring Business Student Attitudes toward Study Abroad. By Sean Heffron, MA, and Peter A. Maresco, PhD, Sacred Heart University (USA), pp. 351-362
  6. Acculturative Stress among Asian International Students in Singapore. By A.M.A. Nasirudeen, PhD; Koh Wat Neo Josephine, MS; Lau Lee Chin Adeline, MEd; Lim Lay Seng, BN; How Ai Ling, MBS; Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore), pp. 363-373
  7. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Domestic American and International Chinese Students’ Social Media Usage. By Qiong Xu and Richard Mocarski (Doctoral Students), University of Alabama (USA), pp. 374-388

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

  1. Reflection: Bilingual Advertising in Melbourne Chinatown. By Sherry Yong Chen, University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), pp. 389-396
  2. Review: A Culturally Proficient Response to LGBT Communities: A Guide for Educators. By Nara Martirosyan, Sam Houston State University (USA), pp. 397-398

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