2014 Volume 4(3)

2014 Vol 4 Issue 32014 Volume 4 Number 3:  [Print] [Online]

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna Bista, Academic Editor: Dr. Charlotte Foster

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Between Ethnic and English Names Name Choice for Transnational Chinese Students in a US Academic Community. By Wenhao Diao, PhD, The University of Arizona (USA), pp. 205-222
  2. Where We Are Now –The Presence and Importance of International Students to Universities in the United States. By Niall Hegarty, EdD, St. John’s University, New York (USA), pp. 223-235
  3. Perceptions of Clinical Education Preparedness at a Large Urban US University: Is There a Difference Between US-Born and Non-US Born Students? By Timmerie Cohen PhD; M. Ferell Justice, MS; Melanie C. Dempsey MS, RT,  CMD, Virginia Commonwealth University (USA), pp. 236-246
  4. International Students’ Perceptions of Shelter-In-Place Notifications: Implications for University Officials. By Thomas C. Johnson, PhD, Western Carolina University (USA), pp. 247-261
  5. Negative Racial Encounters and Academic Outcomes of International and Domestic Students in Four Canadian Universities. By J. Paul Grayson, PhD, York University (Canada), pp. 262-278
  6. International Students’ Experience of Studying and Working at a Northeastern Public University in the US. By Moses Kwadzo, PhD, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, pp. 279-291

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

  1. A Chinese Nurse’s Socio-Cultural Experiences in Australia. By Yang Huang, MS, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology (China), pp. 292-295
  2. International Students and Scholars in the United States:Coming From Abroad. Reviewed by Neete Saha (Doctoral Student), Kent State University (USA), pp. 296-298
  3. International Students Negotiating Higher Education:Critical Perspectives. Reviewed by Uttam Gaulee (Doctoral Student), University of Florida (USA), pp. 299-300

Forthcoming articles 

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