2015 Volume 5(1)

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2015 Volume 5 Number 1:
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Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna BistaAcademic Editor: Dr. Charlotte Foster

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Peer-Reviewed Articles  

  1. The Interplay of International Students’ Acculturative Stress, Social Support, and Acculturation Modes. By Christopher Sullivan, PhD, University of Missouri St Louis (USA) & Susan Kashubeck-West, PhD, University of Missouri St Louis (USA), pp. 1-11
  2. International Graduate Students’Academic Writing Practices in Malaysia:  Challenges and Solutions. By Manjet Kaur Mehar Singh, PhD, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia), pp. 12-22
  3. Flipping the Script in Study Abroad Participation: The Influence of Popular Culture and Social Networks. By Shelbee Nguyen, PhD, Kennesaw State University (USA) and Joellen E. Coryell, PhD, Texas State University (USA), pp. 23-37
  4. Promoting Critical Thinking through an Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program. By WeiWei Cai, EdD and Gopal Sankaran, MD, DrPH, West Chester University of Pennsylvania (USA), pp. 38-49
  5. Students’ Stories of Studying Abroad: Reflections Upon Return. By Jane Costello, PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada), pp. 50-59
  6. A Comparative Study of Student Engagement, Satisfaction, and Academic Success among International and American Students. By Nadia Korobova, PhD, University of Northern Iowa (USA); Soko S. Starobin, PhD, Iowa State University (USA), pp. 60-71
  7.  Impact of English Proficiency on Academic Performance of International Students. By Nara M. Martirosyan, EdD, Sam Houston State University (USA);Eunjin Hwang (Doctoral Student), Sam Houston State University (USA); Reubenson Wanjohi, EdD, Grambling State University (USA), pp. 72-86
  8.  The Experiences of American International Students in a Large Urban Higher Education Institute in Ireland.  By Aileen O’Reilly, PhD, Headstrong – The National Center for Youth Mental Health, Dublin (Ireland);Tina Hickey, PhD and Dermot Ryan, PhD, School of Psychology, University College Dublin (Ireland), pp. 87-98

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

9. International Student’s Survival Guide. By Ian McDonald, Birmingham City          University (UK), p. 99
10. International Students at University:Understanding the Student Experience. By Jennifer Bernard and Krishna Bista, University of Louisiana at Monore (USA), p. 100
11. International Students and Community Involvement in Tiffin, Ohio. By Julie Arnold, Heidelberg University (USA); Rachel Crooks, Tiffin University (USA); Joe Moore, Tiffin City Schools (USA), pp. 101-103.

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