2015 volume 5(2)

March/April 2015 Volume 5 Number 2: [Print] [Online]

5-2Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe)

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Peer-Reviewed Articles  

  1. The Factors That Influence Dietary Habits among International Students in the United States. By Amir A. Alakaam, MS; Diana C. Castellanos, PhD; Jessica Bodzio, MS; Lee Harrison, PhD, Marywood University (USA), 104-120
  2. Evaluating the Struggles with International Students and Local Community Participation. By Weronika A. Kusek, PhD, Northern Michigan University (USA), 121-131
  3. International Students’ Enhanced Academic Performance: Effects of Campus Resources. By Delphine N. Banjong(Doctoral Student), University of North Dakota (USA), 132-142
  4. Meeting the Needs of Chinese English Language Learners at Writing Centers in America: A Proposed Culturally Responsive Model. By Peizhen Wang (Doctoral Student), Crystal Machado, EdD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA), 143-160
  5. Expectations and Experiences of Inbound Students: Perspectives from Sweden. By Per A Nilsson, MA, Umeå University (Sweden), 161-174
  6. Summer Study-Abroad Program as Experiential Learning: Examining Similarities and Differences in International CommunicationBy Kenneth J. Levine, PhD, Michelle E. Garland, MS, University of Tennessee (USA), 175-187
  7. Higher Education Classroom Experiences of Undergraduate Chinese International Students. By Gabriela Valdez (Doctoral Candidate), University of Arizona (USA), pp. 188-200

Reflection/Study Abroad & Book Review

8. Improving Intercultural Education at Chinese Institutions from German Experience. By     Lihe Huang, Tongji University (China), 201-203  
9. Internationalization of East Asian Higher Education. By Seungmin Yun, Oklahoma State     University (USA), 204-205
10. Research Studies in Higher Education: Educating Multicultural College Students. By          Cory Hamiltonand Raul A. Leon, Eastern Michigan University (USA), 206-207

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