2015 Volume 5(4)

Sept/5(4)Oct 2015 ~ Volume 5 Number 4:
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Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)

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Peer-Reviewed Articles  

  1. Nonresident Undergraduates’ Performance in English Writing Classes— Hierarchical Linear Modeling Analysis. By Allison A. Vaughn, PhD, San Diego State University (USA); Matthew Bergman, PhD, and Barry Fass-Holmes, PhD, University of California, San Diego (USA), pp. 319-333
  2. International Students in American Pathway Programs: Learning English and Culture through Service-Learning. By Julie Miller, MSW, Becca Berkey, PhD, Francis Griffin, MA, Northeastern University (USA), pp. 334-352
  3. Uneven Experiences: The Impact of Student-Faculty Interactions on International Students’ Sense of Belonging. By Chris R. Glass, PhD, Elizabeth Kociolek, MSED, Rachawan Wongtrirat, PhD, R. Jason Lynch, MSED, Summer Cong, MA, Old Dominion University (USA), pp. 353-367
  4. Exploring the Motivations, Expectations, and Experiences of Students Who Study in Global Settings. By Vince Salyers, EdD; Cathy S. Carston, PhD; Yasmin Dean, PhD; Chad London, PhD, Mount Royal University (Canada), pp. 368-382
  5. Cultural Demands of the Host-Nation: International Student Experience and the Public Diplomacy Consequences. By Benjamin Triana (Doctoral Candidate) University of Kentucky (USA), pp. 383-394
  6. Culturally Responsive Education: Developing Lesson Plans for Vietnamese Students in the American Diaspora. By Cynthia M. Douglas, PhD, St. John’s University (USA), pp. 395-404
  7. Taboo or Tabula Rasa: Cross-Racial/Cultural Dating Preferences amongst Chinese, Japanese, and Korean International Students in an American University. By Zachary S. Ritter, PhD, University of Redlands (USA), pp. 405-419
  8. Kilimanjaro: A Case of Meaningful Adventure and Service Learning Abroad. By Cathy Cavanaugh, PhD, Microsoft Corporation (USA); Ewa Gajer, PhD,  Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE);  John Mayberry, PhD,  University of the Pacific (USA);  Brendan O’Connor, Med,  Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE);  Jace Hargis, PhD, Chaminade University Honolulu (USA),  pp. 420-433
  9. Tale of the Tape: International Teaching Assistant Noticing During Videotaped Classroom Observations. By Gwendolyn M. Williams, PhD, University of West Florida (USA); Rod E. Case, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno (USA), pp. 434-446
  10. The Forgotten Half: Understanding the Unique Needs of International Student Partners. By Danni Lei (Master’s Student), Jon D. Woodend (Doctoral Student), Sarah K. Nutter (Doctoral Student), Alyssa R. Ryan (Master’s Student), Sharon L. Cairns, PhD, University of Calgary (Canada), pp. 447-458
  11. Coming to America: Assessing the Patterns of Acculturation, Friendship Formation, and the Academic Experiences of International Students at a U.S. College. By Pamela Leong, PhD, Salem State University (USA), pp. 459-474
  12. A Relational Approach to International Education Through Homestay Programs. By Junko Kobayashi, Kansai Gaidai University (Japan); Linda Viswat, Otemon Gakuin University (Japan), pp. 475-487
  13. Knowledge, Education, and Attitudes of International Students to IELTS: A Case of Australia. By Abe W Ata, PhD, Deakin University (Australia), pp. 488-500
  14. Building Vocabulary for Language Learning: Approach for ESL Learners to Study New Vocabulary. By Adel M. Alharbi (Doctoral Candidate) University of Memphis (USA), pp. 501-511
  15. Are International Students Cash Cows? Examining the Relationship Between New International Undergraduate Enrollments and Institutional Revenue at Public Colleges and Universities in the US. By Brendan Cantwell, PhD, Michigan State University (USA), pp. 512-525
  16. Cognitive Skills Development Among International Students at Research Universities in the United States. By Young K. Kim, PhD, Azusa Pacific University (USA); David Edens, PhD, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (USA); Michael F. Iorio, PhD, Loma Linda University (USA); Christie J. Curtis, PhD; Biola University (USA); Edwin Romero, PhD, Mt. San Antonio College (USA), pp. 526-540
  17. The Not-So-Easy Road of Overseas Study: Life like an Outsider. By Yolanda Palmer, PhD, University of Saskatchewan (Canada), pp. 541-544
  18. International Student in Japan. Reviewed by Kyle D. Warren (Doctoral Student) and Eunyoung Kim, PhD, Seton Hall University (USA), pp. 545-546
  19. International Student’s Guide to American Colleges. Reviewed by Marguerite J. Dennis, MJ Dennis Consulting (USA), pp. 547-548