2017 Volume 7(2)

7-2March/April 2017 ~ Volume 7 Number 2:  [Print][Online

  • Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)
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  1. Editorial ~ Resilience for a World in Flux. Chris R. Glass, p. i-iv [Online & Print ]
  2. Brazilian and Nigerian International Students’ Conceptions of Learning in Higher Education. Carol Ashong and Nannette Commander pp.163-187 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  3. The Role of Attachment, Travel Experiences and English Proficiency in International Students’ Acculturative Stress and Depressive Symptoms. Iskra Smiljanic pp. 188-203 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  4. Acculturative Stress and Adjustment Experiences of Greek International Students. Mixalis Poulakis, Craig A. Dike, and Amber C. Massa pp. 204-228 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  5. Do Chinese International Students’ Personalities Change During
    Cross-National Transitions? Kenneth T. Wang, Lu Tian, Mayo Fujiki, Ripley-Ohio-
    Dearborn, Jennifer J. Bordon pp. 229-245 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  6. International Student Recruitment: Trends and Challenges. Santa Falcone pp. 246-256 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  7. Chinese Students’ Motivations for Studying in the United States. Chiang-nan Chao, Niall Hegarty, John Angelidis, and Victor F. Lu pp. 257-269 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  8. Cross-Cultural Student Teaching: Examining the Meaning- Making of one White, Female, Middle-Class Preservice Teacher. Stephanie J. Shedrow pp. 270-290 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  9. International Students and “The Presentation of Self” Across Cultures. Abu Kamara pp. 291-310 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  10. Analyzing International Students’ Study Anxiety in Higher Education. Rezvan Khoshlessan and Kumer Pial Das pp. 311-328 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  11. Student and Staff Perceptions of the International Postgraduate Student Experience: A Qualitative Study of a UK University. Emma L. Bird pp. 329-346 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  12. Digital Journeys: A Perspective on Understanding the Digital Experiences of International Students. Shanton Chang and Catherine Gomes pp. 347-366 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  13. Higher Education Institutions and International Students’ Hindrances: The Case of Students from the African Portuguese- Speaking Countries at Two European Portuguese Universities. Susana Ambrósio, João Filipe Marques, Lucília Santos, and
    Catarina Doutor, pp. 367-394 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  14. College Experiences and Outcomes Among International Undergraduate Students at Research Universities in the United States: A Comparison to Their Domestic Peers. Young K. Kim, Christopher S. Collins, Liz A. Rennick, and David Edens pp.395-420 [OnlinePrint & Video]
  15. The Perils of Multilingual Students: “I’m Not LD, I’m L2 or L3. Kioh Kim and Derrick T. Helphenstine pp. 421-428 [Online & Print ]
  16. International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: Bridging Research and Practice (Review). Sony Adhikari pp. 429-431 [Online & Print ]