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Table of Contents

  1. International Students in the Era of Trump and Brexit: Implications, Constructions, and Trends. By Brendan Bartram, pp. 1479–1482  [PDFWeb]
  2. International Graduate Student Labor as Mergers and Acquisitions. By Brendan Cantwell, Jenny J. Lee, & Yeukai Mlambo, pp. 1483-1496 [PDFWeb]
  3. An Academic and Cultural Transition Course for International Students: Efficacy and Socio-Emotional Outcomes. By Nelson C. Brunsting, Andrew C. Smith, and Corinne Zachry, pp. 1497–1521 [PDFWeb]
  4. Stress-Driven Spending: Correlates of International Students’ Adjustment Strains and Compulsive Online Buying . By Yana Lou and Sang-Eun Byun, pp. 1522–1548 [PDFWeb]
  5. The Outcomes of the Community Cooking Workshops for International Students at Simon Fraser University. By Gabriella Luongo, Rochelle Tucker, Crystal Hutchinson, & Rosie Dhaliwal, pp. 1549–1568 [PDFWeb]
  6. Motehen: A Case Study of Shifting Perceptions of Japanese Masculinity and Desirability Through Study Abroad. By Elisabeth (Libby) Morinaga-Williams, pp. 1569–1590 [PDFWeb]
  7. The Institutional Determinants of Internationalization: The Cases of Study Abroad Participation and International Student Enrollment. By Jonathan Marks, Charles Yeager, Jay Gatrell, & Jeremy Bennett, pp. 1591–1613 [PDFWeb]
  8. “They Make No Contribution!” versus “We Should Make Friends with Them!”—American Domestic Students’ Perception of Chinese International Students’ Reticence and Face. By Yi Zhu & Mary Bresnahan, pp. 1614–1635 [PDFWeb]
  9. Relationships Between Stress and Psychosocial Factors with Sources of Help-Seeking Among International Students. By Martin A. Swanbrow Becker, Shengli Dong, Julia Kronholz, & Chris Brownson, pp. 1636–1661 [PDFWeb]
  10. Multilingual and Multimodal Repertoires as part of Identity Management on Facebook: A Case of International Students. By Osman Solmaz, pp. 1662–1680 [PDFWeb]
  11. Influential Factors in the College Decision-Making Process for Chinese Students Studying in the U.S. By. Madeline A. Rafi, pp. 1681–1693 [PDF, Web]
  12. Curiosity and Autonomy as Factors That Promote Personal Growth in the Cross-cultural Transition Process of International Students. by Elif Merve Cankaya, Jeffrey Liew, & Clarissa Pinto Pizarro de Freitas, pp. 1687–1708 [PDFWeb]
  13. English Versus Native Language on Social Media: International Students’ Cultural Adaptation in the U.S. By Haijing Tu, pp. 1709–1721 [PDFWeb]
  14.  International Graduate Students’ Challenges and Learning Experiences in Online Classes. By Tala Michelle Karkar-Esperat, pp. 1722–1735 [PDFWeb]
  15. Studying in Canada: Experiences of Female Graduate Students from Saudi Arabia. By Bushra Alqudayri & Tatiana Gounko, pp. 1736–1747 [PDFWeb]
  16. Exploring the Academic Socialization of International Graduate Students in Taiwan. By Shu-Wen Lan, pp. 1748–1763 [PDFWeb]
  17. Using Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Approach to Understand Academic Advising with International Community College Students. By Yi Leaf Zhang, pp. 1764–1782 [PDFWeb]
  18. Examining the Sexual Enigma of the Immigrant Paradox with International Students. By Philip A. Belcastro and Hardaye Ramsaroop-Hansen, pp. 1783–1814 [PDFWeb]
  19. International Graduate Students: Agency, Intentionality, and Socialization Reciprocity. By José Manuel Martínez and India C. Plough, pp. 1815–1830 [PDFWeb]
  20.  A Qualitative Exploration of On-Campus Experiences of English-Speaking Graduate International Students at a Leading Japanese University. By Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo, pp. 1831–1847 [PDF, Web]
  21. Hindsight is 20/20 Vision: What International Students Wished They Had Known Before Coming to Live and Learn in Ireland. By Tom Farrelly and  Tony Murphy, pp. 1848–1864 [PDFWeb]
  22. Developing Culturally Responsive Programs to Promote International Student Adjustment: A Participatory Approach. By Laura R. Johnson, Tanja Seifen-Adkins, Daya Singh Sandhu, Nadezda Arbles, & Hitomi Makino, pp. 1865–1878 [PDFWeb]
  23. International Female Graduate Students’ Academic Writing Experiences. By Janet Isbell and Abir Eldaba, pp. 1879-1890 [PDFWeb]
  24. Factors Influencing Chinese International Students’ Strategic Language Learning at Ten Universities in the U.S.: A Mixed-Method Study. By Yao Fu, Crystal Machado, and Zhenjie Weng, pp. 1891-1913 [PDFWeb]
  25. Study Abroad Objectives and Satisfaction of International Students in Japan. By Matthias Hennings and Shin Tanabe, pp.1914-1925 [PDFWeb]
  26. Iranian Student Experience Pursuing Admission to Universities in the United States. By Theresa S. Hefner-Babb and Rezvan Khoshlessan, pp. 1926-1940 [PDFWeb]
  27. Understanding International Students from Asia in American Universities: Learning and Living Globalization (Book Review). By Ahoefa S. Tshibaka, pp. 1941-1943 [PDFWeb]


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