Call for Contributors ~ Rethinking Education Across Borders: Emerging Issues and Important Insights on Globally Mobile Students

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Rethinking Education Across Borders: Emerging Issues and Important Insights on Globally Mobile Students

The subject of the book is critical issues and perspectives about globally mobile students as the issues and perspectives are made pertinent by major shifts in the geopolitical, economic, and technological changes globally (i.e., in and across major origins and destinations of international students). The book will be engaging to readers by having asked each contributing author to address a common set of critical questions in order to create an overarching  thematic framework:

  1. How do you rethink/resituate your issue in the context of macro-level political and socio-economic changes at major destinations such as the United States (post-Trump era), UK (Brexit), Canada (Post-Trudeau), Australia (crash of international education “industry”) and other emerging markets?
  2. How would you situate your work/issue in the context of local changes and global impacts on major origins of international students such as China (e.g., economic rise along with One Belt One Road Initiative), India (e.g., national policy change), South Korea (e.g., Brain Korea 21, a project for naturing highly qualified human resource for the 21st century knowledge-based society) and other major sources?
  3. What other critical perspectives would you address in relation to current, emerging, or anticipated issues/dynamics affecting international higher education?
  4. Given that the collection is being proposed for both scholars and other stakeholders of higher education in American and other contexts, how would you engage the primary and secondary audiences in order to add a critical perspective (or perspectives) on your subject matter? You can address this question through content/organization, theoretical/ methodological, and/ or rhetorical/stylistic strategies.
  5. What would be a one-sentence encapsulation of the main conclusion, argument, or recommendation of your chapter? What intervention does that key idea point to for scholars/researchers, institutional leaders, and policymakers, or other stakeholders?

This book will not only examine recent trends in global student mobility but will also explore how this mobility has impacted lives of both local students and their international counterparts in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America where the emerging trends and practices are prominent. Today, over five million students cross geographic, cultural, and educational borders in pursuit of higher education.

We are currently receiving proposals/abstracts for this book project.

Due: October 20, 2018.

Contact: Dr. Uttam Gaulee (

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