2016 Volume 6(2)

vol6issu2March/April 2016 ~ Volume 6 Number 2:  [Print][Online]  Enjoy 15% off (Coupon Code: FORYOU15)

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial ~ (Re)Examining the Research on International Students: Where Are We Today? By Krishna Bista, University of Louisiana Monroe (USA), pp.  I-X
  2. Doctoral Sojourn Experiences of Adapted Physical Education Students from Asian Countries. By Takahiro Sato, Kent State University (USA), pp. 339-366
  3. International Students’ Perceptions of Race and Socio-Economic Status in an American Higher Education Landscape. By Zachary S. Ritter, University of Redlands, California (USA), pp.  367-393
  4. The Development and Validation of the Academic Spoken English Strategies Survey (ASESS) for Non-native English Speaking Graduate Students. By Rui M. Schroeder, University of the Pacific (USA), pp.  394-414
  5. English Language Learners in Higher Education: An Exploratory Conversation. By Jamie Harrison, Auburn University (USA), and Hong Shi, Auburn University (USA), pp.  415-430
  6. Ways to Promote the Classroom Participation of International Students by Understanding the Silence of Japanese University Students. By Soonhyang Kim, University of North Florida, (USA); Burcu Ates, Sam Houston State University, (USA); Yurimi Grigsby, Concordia University Chicago, (USA); Stefani Kraker, Queens College, City University of New York, (USA); Timothy A. Micek, Ohio Dominican University, (USA), pp.  431-450
  7. The Lived Experiences of Canadian-Born and Foreign-Born Chinese Canadian Post-Secondary Students in Northern Ontario. By Fei Wang, University of British Columbia, (Canada), pp.  451-477
  8. International Careers: U.S. Undergraduates’ Motivations and Concerns. By Katherine Punteney, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (USA), pp.  478-499
  9. Challenges for Global Learners: A Qualitative Study of the Concerns and Difficulties of International Students. By Chetanath Gautam, Stephen F. Austin State University (USA); Charles L. Lowery, Ohio University (USA); Chance Mays, Enterprise High School (USA); Dayan Durant, Stephen F. Austin State University (USA), pp. 500-525
  10. How Do We Get People to Interact? International Students and the American Experience. By Danielle Geary, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), pp.  527-541
  11. Assessing Domestic vs. International Student Perceptions and Attitudes of Plagiarism. By Daniel Adrian Doss, University of West Alabama (USA); Russ Henley, University of West Alabama (USA); Balakrishna Gokaraju, University of West Alabama (USA), David McElreath, University of Mississippi (USA); Hilliard Lackey, Jackson State University (USA); Qiuqi Hong, University of West Alabama (USA), Lauren Miller, University of West Alabama (USA), pp.  542-565
  12. An Institutional Three-Stage Framework: Elevating Academic Writing and Integrity Standards of International Pathway Students. By Donna M. Velliaris, Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology (Australia); Paul Breen, The University of Westminster (UK), pp.  565-587
  13. Leaving Home: The Challenges of Black-African International Students Prior to Studying Overseas. By Elizabeth Frances Caldwell, University of Huddersfield (UK); Denis Hyams-Ssekasi, University of Bolton (UK), pp.  588-613
  14. International Student Expectations: Career Opportunities and Employability. By Per A Nilsson, Umeå University (Sweden); Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility (The Netherlands), pp. 614-631
  15. Communication Education and International Audiences: Reflections on Instructional Challenges and Pedagogical Strategy. By Heather Campbell, Bellarmine University (US); Michael G. Strawser, Bellarmine University (US), Stephen George, University of North Texas (US) pp 632-343
  16. International Students and Crime. By Prashanti Chennamsetti, Texas A&M University (USA), pp. 644-646
  17. Doctoral Dissertations on International Students Published in 2015. By Krishna Bista, University of Louisiana at Monroe (USA, pp. 647-659