2017 Volume 7(3)

Journal of International Students, July/August 2017 ~ Volume 7 Number 3:  [Order Your Print Book from BARNES & NOBLE  6 wide x 9 tall; 516 pages; 1.86 lbs7-3-2017 Cover Image


  1. Editorial ~ Rethinking the Politics of the International Student Experience in the Age of Trump. CindyAnn Rose-Redwood and Reuben Rose-Redwood
  2. Confucianism and Accents: Understanding the Plight of the Asian International Student in the U.S. Jennifer T. Young 
  3. Vietnamese Graduate International Student Repatriates: Reverse Adjustment. Anh T. Le and Barbara Y. LaCost 
  4. International Students’ Views on Local Culture: Turkish Experience. Yakup Çetina, Mustafa Bahar, and Carol Griffiths 
  5. Technologies and Second Language: Nigerian Students’ Adaptive Strategies to Cope With Language Barrier in Northern Cyprus. Adeola Abdulateef Elega and Bahire Efe Özad  
  6. International Students from Melbourne Describing Their Cross-Cultural Transitions Experiences: Culture Shock, Social Interaction, and Friendship Development. Nish Belford
  7. The Effects of a Roommate-Pairing Program on International Student Satisfaction and Academic Success. Steven Tolman 
  8. Domestic and International College Students: Health Insurance Information Seeking and Use. Michael Mackert, Hyeseung E. Koh, Amanda Mabry, Sara Champlin, and Anna Beal 
  9. Why Do International Students Avoid Communicating with Americans? I-Ching Wang,  Janet N. Ahn, Hyojin J. Kim, and Xiaodong Lin-Siegler 
  10. An Integrated Loop Model of Corrective Feedback and Oral English Learning: A Case of International Students in the United States. Eun Jeong (Esther) Lee
  11. The relationship between Second Language Anxiety and International Nursing Students Stress. Nigar G. Khawaja, Sabrina Chan, and Georgia Stein
  12. International EFL/ESL Master Students’ Adaptation Strategies for Academic Writing Practices at Tertiary Level. Manjet Kaur Mehar Singh
  13. International Students Reported for Academic Integrity Violations: Demographics, Retention, and Graduation. Barry Fass-Holmes
  14. Sources of Social Support among International College Students in the United States. Amir Bhochhibhoya, Yue Dong, and Paul Branscum 
  15. Psychological Adaptation, Marital Satisfaction, and Academic Self-Efficacy of International Students. Gökçe Bulgan and Ayşe Çiftçi
  16. A Developmental Sequence Model to University Adjustment of International Undergraduate Students. Saeid Chavoshi, Maxine Gallander Wintre, Stella Dentakos, and Lorna Wright
  17. Instructional Insights Gained From Teaching a Research Methods Course to Chinese International Graduate Students Studying in Canada. Jacqueline L. Beres and Vera E. Woloshyn
  18. The Lived Experiences of International Students Who’s Family Remains At Home. Theresa Harvey, Carolyn Robinson, and Anthony Welch
  19. Strategies to Address English-language Writing Challenges Faced by International Graduate Students in the US. Swathi Ravichandran, Mark Kretovics, Kara Kirby, and Ankita Ghosh
  20. Instructional Practices Facilitating Cross-National Interactions in the Undergraduate Classroom. Diana N. Yefanova, Mary Lynn Montgomery , Gayle A. Woodruff, Christopher J. Johnstone, and Barbara Kappler
  21. Experience of education in the international classroom-A systematic qualitative literature review study. Jalal Safipour, Stig Wenneberg and Emina Hadziabdic (Supplementary files)
  22. Internet Use and Psychological Wellbeing: A Study of International Students in Singapore. Oindrila Dutta and Stefanie Yen Leng Chye
  23. International Student Teaching: A Transformational Experience. Ricardo González-Carriedo,  Jesús López de Nava, and Manuel Salas Martínez
  24. Cooperative Activity as Mediation in the Social Adjustment of Chinese International Students. Junqian Ma
  25. Internationalizing Campus Partners. Plamena Koseva
  26. Scholastics, Pabulum, Clans, Transformation: A Journey into Otherness. David Lausch, Eric Teman,  and Cody Perry
  27. Logging On: Using Online Learning to Support the Academic Nomad. Terra Gargano and Julia Throop
  28. Acknowledgment of Reviewers (2016-2017)