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Front Matter 

Invited Editorial: How to Understand the International Students with Whom You Work, by Uttam Gaulee, i-ii [PDF, Web]

  1. Influences on International Student Choice of Study Destination: Evidence from the United States. By Sarah Nichollas, 597-622 [PDF, Web]
  2. Perceptions of Mainland Chinese Students Toward Obtaining Higher Education in the United States. By Michelle E. Bartlett, 623-637 [PDF, Web]
  3. “But I Learn More Bad Grammars When I Write to My Classmates”: Acquiring Academic Literacies in a Multicultural Writing Class, 638-658 [PDF, Web]
  4. Positioning the Researcher in the Studies of International Students’ Identities–Discussing Autoethnographically. By Teresa Chen, 659-676 [PDF, Web]
  5. International Counseling Students’ Perception of Ethics. By Mehmet A. Karaman, Michael K. Schmit, Ihsan C. Ulus, and Marvarene Oliver,  677-695 [PDF, Web]
  6. Experiences of International Student-Athletes at a Historically Black University. By Takahiro Sato, Samuel R. Hodge, and Kevin Eckert, 696-723 [PDF, Web]
  7. English Language Learners’ Strategy Use and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in English Language Learning in a United States University Setting. By Hong Shi, 724-741 [PDF, Web]
  8. How Do South American International Students Experience Student Life in Flanders? A Photo Elicitation Project. by Qingchun Wang, Steffanie Leen, and Karin Hannes. 742-768 [PDF, Web]
  9. Describing East Asian Graduate Students’ Socio-cultural and Psychological Adjustment in a U.S. Midwestern University. By Yiying Xiong, 769-794 [PDF, Web]
  10. Understanding the Relationship between Self-construals, Self-esteem, Social Support, and the Sociocultural Adaptation of African Students in Northern Cyprus. By Bennett K. Tchoh and E. Biran Mertan, 795-820 [PDF, Web]
  11. Cross-cultural Adaptation of International College Students in the United States. ByYikang Wang, Ting Li, Amity Noltemeyer, Aiming Wang, Jinghua Zhang and Kevin Shaw,  821-842 [PDF, Web]
  12. The Relation of an International Student Center’s Orientation Training Sessions with International Students’ Achievement and Integration to University. By Meltem Acar Guvendir, 843-860  [PDF, Web]
  13. “It’s Kinda Weird”: Hybrid Identities in the International Undergraduate Community. By Titilola Adewale, and Mark D’Amico, 861-883 [PDF, Web]
  14. Leisure Constraints to Participation in Competitive Activities and Intramural Sports: Comparing International and Domestic Students. By Dongwook Cho, and Taryn Price, 884-900 [PDF, Web]
  15. The Effects of Cross-Cultural Competence and Social Support on International Students’ Psychological Adjustment: Autonomy and Environmental Mastery. By Norah Aldawsari, Katharine S. Adams, Lee Edmondson Grimes, and Steven Kohn, 901-924 [PDF, Web]
  16. Early Career Outcomes of International Bachelor’s Degree Recipients from U.S. Institutions: The Role of International Status and Region of Origin. By Xiushan Jiang, 925-959 [PDF, Web]
  17. Student Perceptions of Providers’ Cultural Competence, Attitudes Towards Providers, and Patient Satisfaction at a University Health Center: International and U.S. Student Differences. By Nicole C. Hudak, Heather J. Carmack, and Ethan D. Smith, 960-976 [PDF, Web]
  18. A Case Study Exploring International Student Engagement at Three Small, Private Colleges. By William Danny Sullivan Jr., 977-1001 [PDF, Web]
  19. International Student Engagement: An Exploration of Student and Faculty Perceptions. By Rong Wang and Allison BrckaLorenz, 1002-1033 [PDF, Web]
  20. Survival Strategies of International Undergraduate Students at a Public Research Midwestern University in the United States: A Case Study. By Linda Tsevi, 1034-1058 [PDF, Web]
  21. Immigration Gridlock: Assessing Whether Canada’s Express Entry is an Effective Immigration System for International Students’ Transition into Permanent Residency? By Cheng Wang, 1059-1078 [PDF, Web]
  22. Work-Family Balance and Psychosocial Adjustment of Married International Students. By Gokce Bulgan and Ayse Ciftci, 1079-1107 [PDF, Web]
  23. Loving Neighbor as Self: Translating the Study Abroad Experience into Intercultural Friendships on the Home Campus. By Kelly A. Pengelly, 1108-1128 [PDF, Web]
  24. Supervising Asian International Counseling Students: Using the Integrative Developmental Model. By Dan Li, Yanhong Liu, and Injung Lee, 1129-1151 [PDF, Web]
  25. Cultural Identification, Acculturation, and Academic Experience Abroad: A Case of a Joint Faculty-led Short-term Study Abroad Program. By Jeongyi Lee and Kathryn Negrelli, 1152-1172 [PDF, Web]
  26. Chinese International Students’ Experiences in American Higher Education Institutes. By Qianqian Zhang-Wu,  1173-1197 [PDF, Web]
  27. Striving for Success: Academic Adjustment of International Students in the U.S. By Gilberte Bastien and Tanja Seifen-Adkins, 1198-1219 [PDF, Web]
  28. A Qualitative Phenomenological study of Emotional and Cultural Intelligence of International Students in the United States. By Rohan Thompson, 1220-1255 [PDF, Web]
  29. Building a Community of Learners in and Outside the Classroom (reflection). By Erin Knoche Laverick, 1256-1263 [PDF, Web]
  30. American Community Colleges: The International Student’s Guide (book review). By Nara Martirosyan, 1264-1266 [PDF, Web]

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