2018 Volume 8(3)

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Special Issue on Fostering Successful Integration and Engagement Between Domestic and International Students on College and University Campuses
Special Issue Co-Editors: CindyAnn Rose-Redwood and Reuben Rose-Redwood, University of Victoria, Canada

  • Founder Editor-in-ChiefKrishna BistaMorgan State University, USA
  • Senior Editor Chris R. Glass, Old Dominion University, USA
  • Production/Layout Editor:  Joy Bancroft,  Emporia State University, USA
  • Managing Editor: Courtney J. Belmonte, Old Dominion University, USA
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Table of Contents

  1. Fostering Successful Integration and Engagement Between Domestic and International Students on College and University Campuses. By CindyAnn Rose-Redwood and Reuben Rose-Redwood, pp. 1267–1273. [PDFWeb]
  2. The Development of Social Capital Through International Students’ Involvement in Campus Organizations. By Chris R. Glass and Peggy Gesing, pp. 1274–1292.[PDFWeb]
  3. Communications Preferences Among International Students: Strategies for Creating Optimal Engagement in Programs and Services. By Ravichandran Ammigan and Kaitlyn N. Laws, pp. 1293–1315. [PDFWeb]
  4. Peers to Peers: Developing a Student-Coordinated Conversation Partner Program. By Ron Aaron, Carmen Cedeño, Elisabeth Gareis, Lalit Kumar, and Abhinaya Swaminathan, pp. 1316–1327. [PDFWeb]
  5. Building Bridges Across the International Divide: Fostering Meaningful Cross-Cultural Interactions Between Domestic and International Students. By CindyAnn Rose-Redwood and Reuben Rose-Redwood, pp. 1328–1336. [PDFWeb]
  6. Structured and Critical Intercultural Programming: Faculty and Staff Collaborate to Put Research into Action. By Emily Spitzman and Michael Waugh, pp. 1337–1345. [PDFWeb]
  7. Making Interactions Between Domestic and International Students Meaningful. By Yukari Takimoto Amos and Nicole Rehorst, pp. 1346–1354. [PDFWeb]
  8. Mission Impossible: International Students as Key Players in Cross-Cultural Team Activities. By Heather Ranson, pp. 1355–1362. [PDFWeb]
  9. Work a Way Out: Breaking Monoethnic Isolation through On-Campus Employment. By Mengwei Su, pp. 1363–1385. [PDFWeb]
  10. Leveraging Common Ground: Improving International and Domestic Students’ Interaction Through Mutual Engagement. By Victor F. Thomas, Joseph M. Ssendikaddiwa, Martin Mroz, Karen Lockyer, Karin Kosarzova, and Carolyn Hanna, pp. 1386-1397.  [PDFWeb]
  11. Creating Peace Across Borders: The East-West Path to Unity. By Dian Mitrayani and Robert “Don” Peel, pp. 1398–1407. [PDFWeb]
  12. Community, Identity, and International Student Engagement. By Michelle Metro-Roland, pp. 1408–1421. [PDFWeb]
  13. Critical Intercultural Practice: Learning in and for a Multicultural Globalizing World. By David Killick, pp. 1422–1439. [PDFWeb]
  14. Developing a Host Culture for International Students: What Does It Take?  By Samantha Marangell, Sophie Arkoudis, and Chi Baik, pp. 1440–1458. [PDFWeb]
  15. International Education is Political! Exploring the Politics of International Student Mobilities. By Johanna L. Waters, pp. 1459–1478 [PDFWeb]

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