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Accepted Peer-Reviewed Articles on queue for 2017/2018 editions

  1. Experience of education in the international classroom-A systematic qualitative literature review study. By Jalal Safipour, Linnaeus University, Sweden; Stig Wenneberg, Linnaeus University, Sweden; Emina Hadziabdic, Linnaeus University, Sweden #415
  2. An Integrated Loop Model of Corrective Feedback and Oral English Learning: A Case of International Students in the United States. By Eun Jeong (Esther) Lee, Claflin University, South Carolina (USA) #369
  3. Strategies to Address English-language Writing Challenges Faced by International Graduate Students in the US. By Swathi Ravichandran, Kent State University, USA; Mark Kretovics, Kent State University, USA; Kara Kirby, Global Ambassadors Language Academy, USA; Ankita Ghosh, Kent State University, USA
  4. Acculturative Stress and Adjustment Experiences of Greek International Students. Mixalis Poulakis, Psy.D; Craig A. Dike, Psy.D; Amber C. Massa, B.A.; University of Indianapolis, United States # 328
  5. Do Chinese International Students’ Personalities Change during Cross-National Transitions? Kenneth T. Wang, Fuller Theological Seminary; Lu Tian, University of Northern Colorado; Mayo Fujiki, Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative; Jennifer J. Bordon, University of Albany #329
  6. Brazilian and Nigerian International Students’ Conceptions of Learning in Higher Education. By Carol Ashong, and  Nannette Commander, Georgia State University, USA #331
  7. College Experiences and Outcomes Among International Undergraduate Students at Research Universities in the United States: A Comparison to Their Domestic Peers. Young K. Kim, Azusa Pacific University, U.S.A.; Christopher S. Collins, Azusa Pacific University, U.S.A.; Liz A. Rennick, Azusa Pacific University, U.S.A.; David Edens, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, U.S.A. #337
  8. The Role Of Attachment, Travel Experiences And English Proficiency In International Students’ Acculturative Stress And Depressive Symptoms. Iskra Smiljanic, Ph.D.; Department of Psychology, Kings County Hospital Center (USA) #364
  9. International Students’ Views on Local Culture: Turkish Experience. By Yakup Çetina, Fatih University, Turkey; Mustafa Baharb, International Burch University, Bosnia Herzegovina; Carol Griffithsa, Fatih University, Turkey # 376
  10. Chinese Students’ Motivations for Studying In the U.S. By Chiang-nan Chao, PhD;  Niall Hegarty, PhD; John Angelidis, PhD; Victor F. Lu, PhD, St. John’s University (USA)
  11. Qualitative study on Chinese students’ perception of US university life. Xiaokang Tang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA; Daniel A. Collier, PhD
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA; Allison Witt, PhD
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA #424
  12. Away from Home: A qualitative exploration of health experiences of Nigerian students in UK University . Folashade T. Alloh, Bournemouth University (UK); Desiree Tait, Bournemouth University (UK); Clare Taylor, Bournemouth University (UK) #413
  13. Domestic and International College Students: Health Insurance Information Seeking and Use #411
  14. Why Do International Students Avoid Communicating with Americans? #401
  15. Internationalizing Campus Partners #420
  16. Psychological Adaptation, Marital Satisfaction, and Academic Self-Efficacy of Married International Students,Gökçe Bulgan, MEF University, Turkey; Ayşe Çiftçi, Purdue University, USA  #395
  17. Cooperative Activity as Mediation in the Social Adjustment of Chinese International Students. By Junqian Ma, Monash University, Australia  #418
  18. “Home away from home”? How international students handle difficult and negative experiences in American Higher Education #427
  19. The Lived Experiences of International Students Who’s Family Remains At Home. By Theresa Harvey, Queensland University of Technology (Aust); Carolyn Robinson, Queensland University of Technology (Aust); Anthony Welch, Central Queensland University (Aust) #402
  20. Okinawan Consciousness and Identity Salience and Development among Okinawan University Students Studying in Hawai‘i. By Kazufumi Taira, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, USA; Lois A Yamauchi, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, USA #466
  21. Exploring and Leveraging Chinese International Students’ Strengths for Success. By Ye He, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; Bryant Hutson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA #457
  22. Scholastics, Pabulum, Clans, Transformation: A Journey into Otherness. By David Lausch, Eric Teman, Cody Perry, University of Wyoming, USA # 458
  23. Confucianism and accents: Understanding the plight of the Asian international student in the U.S. By Jennifer T. Young, California State University, Long Beach, USA #378
  24. Engagement, Satisfaction, and Belonging of International Undergraduates at U.S. Research Universities. By Sam Van Horne, Shuhui Lin, Matthew Anson, and Wayne Jacobson, University of Iowa, USA #461
  25. International Students from Melbourne describing their Cross-Cultural Transitions Experiences: Culture Shock, Social interaction, and Friendship Development. By Nish Belford, Monash University, Australia #431
  26. Exploring the Relationship among International Students’ English Self-efficacy, Using English to Learn Self-efficacy, and Academic Self-efficacy. By Chih-hsuan Wang, Jamie Harrison, Victoria Cardullo, and Xi Lin, Auburn University, USA #467
  27. Destination Motivation, Cultural Orientation and Adaptation: International Students’
    Destination-Loyalty Intention. By Nor Lelawati Jamaludin, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia / University of Bergen, Norway; David Lackland Sam, University of Bergen, Norway; Gro Mjeldheim Sandal, University of Bergen, Norway #475
  28. The Perils of Multi-lingual Students: “I’m Not LD, I’m L2 or L3.”By Kioh Kim and Derrick T. Helphenstine, University of Louisiana at Monroe #505
  29. A Longitudinal Case Study of International Students’ Social Adjustment, Friendship Development, and Physical Activity. By Shuang Li  and Sam Zizzi, West Virginia University #451
  30. The Role of Unplanned Encounters And Complexity Of Influences In Foreign Graduates’ First Full-Time Job Search In Singapore. By Tharuka M. Prematillake and Ivy M. Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore #433
  31. “It Just Messes Your Mind”: Us International Students’ Perspectives of and Experiences with Academic Text Sourcing. By Janet Kesterson Isbell, Tennessee Technological University, USA; Jayati Chaudhuri, California State University, USA; Deborah L. Schaeffer, California State University, USA #434
  32. The Relation of an International Student Center’s Orientation Training Sessions with International Students’ Achievement and Integration to University. By Meltem Acar Güvendir, Trakya University, Turkey #468
  33. Acculturative Stress and Native and U.S. Culture Immersion of International Students at a Community College. By Hardaye R. Hansen, Yuliya Shneyderman, Gloria S. McNamara, and Lisa Grace, Borough of Manhattan Community College, USA #455
  34. The Effects of a Roommate-Pairing Program on International Student Satisfaction and Academic Success. By Steven Tolman, Georgia Southern University, USA #380
  35. Academic Adaptation among International Students from East Asian Countries: A Consensual Qualitative Research. By Jiaqi Li, Wichita State University; Yanlin Wang, Texas Tech University;  Xun Liu, Virginia Commonwealth University; Yusu Xu, Zhejiang Gongshang University; TingTing Cui, Jilin University #487
  36. Employment and Earnings of International Science and Engineering Graduates of U.S. Universities: A Comparative Perspective. By Throy A. Campbell, Oakwood University at Huntsville, USA; Maria Adamuti-Trache, University of Texas at Arlington, USA; Krishna Bista, University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA #423
  37. Exploring International Students’ Food Choices Using Photovoice Techniques. By Nova Corcoran, University of South Wales, Wales, UK  #474
  38. Learning Styles: A Comparison Between Indian And German Business Students. By Tushar Bhatnagar, SCMHRD Pune, India; Vinita Sinha, SCMHRD Pune, India #518
  39. Analysis of Acculturative Stress and Sociocultural Adaptation among International Students at a Non-Metropolitan University. By Hajara Mahmood, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA; Monica Galloway Burke, Western Kentucky University, USA
  40. Instructional Practices Facilitating Cross-National Interactions in the Undergraduate Classroom. By Diana N. Yefanova, Mary Lynn Montgomery , Gayle A. Woodruff, Christopher J. Johnstone, and Barbara Kappler, University of Minnesota, USA #414
  41. Internet Use and Psychological Wellbeing: A Study of International Students in Singapore. By Oindrila Dutta, and Chye Yen Leng Stefanie, National Institute of Education, NTU #417
  42. International Student Teaching: A Transformational Experience. By Ricardo González-Carriedo, University of North Texas, United States; Jesús López de NavaDenton Independent School District, United States; Manuel Salas Martínez
    University of Seville, Spain #318
  43. Creative Diversity: Promoting Interculturality in Australian Pathways to Higher Education. By Suzanne Allen, University of Sydney, Australia #471
  44. Motivation, Induction and Challenge: Examining the Initial Phase of International Students’ Educational Sojourn. By Paul Cowley, University of Bolton, UK; Denis Hyams–Ssekasi, University of Bolton, UK # 452

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