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Current Book Projects

  1. International student mobility and opportunities for growth in the global marketplace (IGI Global)

We welcome original submissions that document the nuances related to international student moblity in higher education.Please send your proposal/manuscript to Dr. Krishna Bista at

Completed Book Projects

  1. Bista, K., & Foster, C. (eds.). (2016). Campus support services, programs, and policies for international students. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  2. Bista, K., & Foster, C. (eds.). (2016). Exploring the social and academic experiences of international students in higher education institutions. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  3. Bista, K., & Foster, C. (eds.). (2016). Global perspectives and local challenges surrounding international student mobility. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Target Audience
The target audience of this book includes professionals and researchers working as faculty and scholars working with international student populations. Also, offices for international students on university campuses, study abroad and international student advisers, and university staff members as well as libraries and professional organizations may us the book as a research or college reference text in international/comparative education/psychology counseling/student affairs coursework or studies. Policy makers, academicians, researchers, advanced-level students, and government officials may also find this text useful in furthering their research exposure to pertinent topics in international student studies and assisting in furthering their own research efforts in this field.

Bista_Campus.indd“A very comprehensive and thorough examination of international student mobility.  I highly recommend for anyone who works with this important and growing population of college students in the US.” — Jenny J. Lee, PhD, Center for the Study of Higher Education, The University of Arizona (US) 

“This book is very timely and provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of international student mobility. The editors should be congratulated on successfully bringing together the expertise of a wide range of authors from across the world.”– Divya Jindal-Snape, PhD, Professor of Education and Associate Dean, University of Dundee (Scotland), author of Multi-dimensional Transitions of International Students to Higher Education (2016) and  Educational Transitions: Moving Stories from Around the World (2013).Bista_Exploring.indd

“This book fills the research gap on complex issues and diverse needs at different stages of the international student life-cycle by bringing together scholars from around the world. It is an important publication that will not only shape future research agendas but also help policymakers and practitioners to effectively support global talent.”—Rahul Choudaha, PhD, World Education Services (US)

“This book offers timely insights into current trends in higher education, with diverse contributions from experts around the globe” —Robin Shields, PhD, School of Management, University of Bath (UK)

“An extraordinary resource for anyone working with international students. Filled with detailed chapters from the leading practitioners in the field.” —Charles Lipson, University of Chicago (US), Author of Succeeding as an International Student in the United States and Canada and Doing Honest Work in College.

“This is a very timely book. It provides a wealth of insights into how to conceptualise, understand and measure international student mobility at a time when this has become a central issue for higher education institutions and policy-makers alike. Analyses of trends, cultural, pedagogical and legal issues all find their place in this highly informative and comprehensive work.” —Manuel Souto-Otero, PhD, University of Bath (UK) Bista_Global.indd

“This collection offers critical and insightful discussions on the issues related to international students. It contributes new reflections for future debate, practice and research within the internationalization of education discourse, and should be a must read for international students and anyone working with them.”  — Armineh Soorenian, PhD, Author of Disabled International Students in British Higher Education Experiences and Expectations (2013)

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