Call for Papers

Journal of International Students (Print ISSN 2162-3104 Online ISSN 2166-3750) publishes original and quality research, conceptual papers and book reviews quarterly (spring, summer, fall and winter) related to international student affairs, teaching and learning or cross-cultural understanding.

Manuscript Types

For examples of published articles, please see a recent issue of the journal.

Peer-Reviewed/Research Articles

  • Length: 4,500–7,500 words
  • Content: Work that focuses on the interpretation, implications, or significance of research work related to:
    • International or study abroad students, faculty, and scholars
    • Specific concerns of international or study abroad students, including experiences with learning style differences, admissions, immigration, insurance, housing, mental health, stigmas, etc.
    • Specific concerns of faculty, teaching assistants, and researchers, such as global/international teaching styles, intercultural communication, classroom standards and expectations, gender complications across cultures, differing worldviews, etc.

Research in Brief

  • Length: 1,750–2,000 words
  • Content: Work that focuses on a specific topic or question using new data or conceptual framework. Includes a brief introduction of the issue or question, instrument, methods, or analytical tools, brief discussion, up to two figures/tables, and a maximum of five to eight references.

Study Abroad Experiences/Reflections

  • Length: 1,000–2,000 words
  • Content: Descriptions and perceptions from faculty, students, and scholars concerning another culture, language, people, and society from an insider or outsider perspective. May also include research papers written by students on any topic of their interest or individual research work related to international students or their counterparts.

Book/Dissertation/Film/Website Reviews

  • Length: 750–1,200 words
  • Content: Reviews and critiques of books, doctoral dissertations, movies, websites, and articles related to international students, study abroad, or cultural exchange programs.
  • Figure: Include a JPG (600 dpi) of a cover image of the reviewed item.

Submission Deadlines

Spring: December 1; Summer: March 1; Fall: July 1; and Winter: September 1 . No author submission or acceptance fee. For more information about submitting the article, see the Submission Guidelines. For any questions please email

***Before You Submit: Some Tips for Self-Editing***

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