Campus Support Services, Programs, and Policies for International Students

Bista_Campus.inddCampus Support Services, Programs, and Policies for International Students explores the role of university administration in successful implementation, regulation, and support of study abroad experiences. Highlighting essential topics relating to legal issues, safety concerns, curriculum development, and intercultural communication, this research-based publication is an ideal reference source for university administrators, school counselors, policymakers, and researchers interested in study abroad program implementation, regulation, and success factors at the administrative level.


Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)  
Charlotte Foster (Missouri Western State University, USA)
Published Date: January, 2016|Copyright: © 2016 |Pages: 354
ISBN13: 9781466697522|ISBN10: 1466697520|EISBN13: 9781466697539|
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9752-2 | IGI Global

Reviews and Testimonials

“Education researchers, school administrators, and psychologists explore the challenges and opportunities for international students in institutions of higher education. Writing for policy makers, faculty, staff, and students who work directly with international students, they capture the social and academic services and programs provided and describe best practices.”    – ProtoView Reviews

“This book fills the research gap on complex issues and diverse needs at different stages of the international student life-cycle by bringing together scholars from around the world. It is an important publication that will not only shape future research agendas but also help policymakers and practitioners to effectively support global talent.” – Rahul Choudaha, PhD, World Education Services, US

“An extraordinary resource for anyone working with international students. Filled with detailed chapters from the leading practitioners in the field.” – Charles Lipson, University of Chicago, US

Table of Contents

  1.  Translating Success: Academic Transition of International Students in the US (pages 1-16) Ghanashyam Sharma
  2. Understanding Cultural Difference: Examination of Self-Authorship among International Students  (pages 17-34) Xingbei Ye, Raul Leon, David Anderson
  3.  International Students Classroom Exclusion in U.S. Higher Education  (pages 35-56) Gabriela Valdez
  4.  The Influence of Social Media on International Students’ Global Life Satisfaction and Academic Performance  (pages 57-76) Neete Saha, Aryn C. Karpinski
  5. Learning and Academic Self-Concept: Comparing International and American Students  (pages 77-98) Ji Zhou, Darnell Cole
  6. International Students’ Eating Habits and Food Practices in Colleges and Universities  (pages 99-118) Amir A. Hadi Alakaam
  7. Preparing International Students for a Competitive Job Market: Challenges and Opportunities  (pages 119-142) Julie Miller, Becca Berkey, Francis Griffin
  8. Intercultural Programming without Intercultural Competence: What Does It Look Like in Practice?  (pages 143-163) Emily Spitzman
  9. Impact of International Students on Interactive Skills and College Outcomes of Domestic Students in U.S. Colleges  (pages 164-187) Jiali Luo
  10. Internationalizing Higher Education: English Language Policy and Practice  (pages 188-208) Maureen Snow Andrade, Norman W. Evans, K. James Hartshorn
  11. Internationalization of the Curriculum for Italian and International Postgraduate Students  (pages 209-222) Ourania Katsara
  12. Intercultural Dialogue Framework for Transnational Teaching and Learning  (pages 223-242) Ting Wang
  13. Aren’t We All International Students?: Supporting Diverse Populations at University Branch-Campuses  (pages 243-263) Grace Karram Stephenson, Danielle N. Gabay
  14. Overview of the U.S. Criminal Justice System and Safety Tips for International Students  (pages 264-288) Thomas C. Johnson
  15. Court Cases: Related to International Students in the United States  (pages 289-301) Krishna Bista, Amy Dagley
Foreword by Hans de Wit (Boston College, USA), Helen Forbes-Mewett (Monash University, Australia)