Exploring the Social and Academic Experiences of International Students in Higher Education Institutions

Bista_Exploring.inddExploring the Social and Academic Experiences of International Students in Higher Education Institutions is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on the issues surrounding study abroad students in culturally diverse educational environments. Featuring various perspectives from a global context on ensuring the educational, structural, and social needs of international students are met, this book is ideally designed for university faculty, researchers, graduate students, policy makers, and academicians working with transnational students.

Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)
Charlotte Foster (Missouri Western State University, USA)
Published Date: February, 2016|Copyright: © 2016 |Pages: 363
ISBN13: 9781466697492|ISBN10: 1466697490|EISBN13: 9781466697508|
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9749-2

Reviews and Testimonials

“This book offers timely insights into current trends in higher education, with diverse contributions from experts around the globe.” – Robin Shields, PhD, School of Management, University of Bath, UK

“This collection offers critical and insightful discussions on the issues related to international students. It contributes new reflections for future debate, practice and research within the internationalization of education discourse, and should be a must read for international students and anyone working with them.” – Armineh Soorenian, PhD, University of Leeds, UK

Table of Contents

  1. Asian International Graduate Students’ Academic and Social Experiences in American Higher Education  (pages 1-20) Takahiro Sato, Samuel R. Hodge
  2. Academic Experiences of International Graduate Students: The Canadian Perspective in the Context of Internationalization  (pages 21-37) Anita Gopal
  3. Learning the Rules of the Game: Issues Affecting Academic Acculturation of Asian International Students in New Zealand Universities  (pages 38-58) Mingsheng Li
  4. Making Meaning of Race and Racialization in the Lives of Five International Graduate Students  (pages 59-78) Ashlee Lewis
  5. Negotiating the Boundaries of American Blackness: The Experiences of African Students in the United States  (pages 79-95) Angellar Manguvo
  6. Exploring the Experiences of International Students’ Partners: Implications for the Post-Secondary Context  (pages 96-114) Jon Woodend, Sarah Nutter, Danni Lei, Sharon Cairns
  7. Addressing the Needs of F-2 Wives in the United States: A Comparison of Two Educational Institutions  (pages 115-131) Samit Dipon Bordoloi
  8. Globalization of Racism: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean International Students’ Racial Stereotypes and Experiences with Cross-Racial Interactions  (pages 132-155) Zachary S. Ritter
  9. When in Rome: Socializing International Teaching Assistants into the US Higher Education Norms  (pages 156-174) Gwendolyn M. Williams, Rod E. Case
  10. Understanding Language Experiences of International ESL Students in U.S. Classrooms  (pages 175-196) Juanjuan Zhao, Dana Funywe Ng
  11. Academic Motivation and Experiences of International Students of Color in STEM  (pages 197-211) Chrystal A. George Mwangi, Alicia M. Peralta, Sharon Fries-Britt, Nina Daoud
  12. Using Data Wisely to Improve International Student Satisfaction: Insights Gained from International Student Barometer  (pages 212-232) Xi Yu, Elizabeth Isensee, Barbara Kappler
  13. Academic Achievement and Demographics of International Undergraduates  (pages 233-259) Dulce Amor L. Dorado, Barry Fass-Holmes
  14. Guest Students: Faculty Expectations of Japanese International Students  (pages 260-291) Yukari Takimoto Amos
  15. High-Impact Educational Practices to Promote International Students’ Engagement and Development: Evidence from Large, Public Research Universities  (pages 292-308) Krista M. Soria, Shane M. Lueck
Foreword by Hans de Wit (Boston College, USA), Helen Forbes-Mewett (Monash University, Australia)