2012 Volume 2(2)

Fall 2012 Vol. 2 Issue 2

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Study Abroad/ Reflections

  1. Rediscovering my Latin-American Identity: A Reflection on a Fulbright Experience. By Virginia Gonzalez, PhD, University of Cincinnati (USA), pp. 131-132.
  2. My Journey as an International Doctoral Student in the United States. By Hoi Yuen Chan (USA), pp. 133-134.

Peer-reviewed Articles

  1. International Graduate Students’ Academic Performance: What Are the Influencing Factors? By Jia Ren, PhD, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey (USA); Linda Serra Hagedorn, PhD, Iowa State University (USA), pp. 135-143.
  2. Grounded Identities, Transient Lives: The Emergence of International Student Voices in an Era of Cosmopolitan Learning. By  Terra Gargano, PhD, American University (USA), pp. 144-156.
  3. Recruiting International Students to Your Campus.  By Cheryl McFadden, EdD, East Carolina University, (USA); Cathy Maahs-Fladung, EdD, Utah State University (USA); William Mallett, EdD, East Carolina University (USA), pp. 157-167.
  4. International Students’ Adjustment Problems and Behaviors. By Jerry G. Gebhard, EdD, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA), pp. 184-193. 
  5. Second Language Learners’ Coping Strategy in Conversations with Native Speakers. By Sachiko Terui, Doctoral Student, University of Oklahoma (USA), pp. 168-183.

Professional Book Reviews

  1. Student Success in College: Creating Conditions that Matter. Reviewed by Raul Leon, and Jaime Byrd, Eastern Michigan State University (USA), pp. 194-195.
  2. Being an African Student: Stories of Opportunity and DeterminationReviewed by Manguvo Angellar, University of Missouri-Columbia (USA), pp. 196-197.
  3. Student Mobility and the Internationalization of Higher Education: National Policies and Strategies from Six World Regions. Ghanashyam Sharma, State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA), pp. 198-199.
  4. International Students: Strengthening a Critical Resource. Reviewed by Amrita Bhandari, Jonesboro, Arkansas (USA), p. 200.
  5. Review of 2011 Doctoral Dissertations on International Student StudiesKrishna Bista, Arkansas State University (USA), pp. 201-208.
  6. About the Contributors, Editors, Copy Editors and Reviewers of This Volume, p. 209.                                                                                         [published in August 2012]

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