2013 Volume 3(2)

2013 Volume 3 Number 2:  [Print] [Online]

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page and Call for Papers
  2. Editorial Team
  3. Invited Editorial: International Students and Higher Education. By Catherine Montgomery, PhD, pp. 82-85

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  1. Examining the Educational Benefits of Interacting with International Students. By Jiali Luo, PhD, and David Jamieson-Drake, PhD,  Duke University (USA),  pp. 85-101
  2. Faculty Advisors’ Experiences with International Graduate Students. By Huynh Mai Nguyen (Doctoral Student), Texas A&M University (USA), pp. 102-116
  3. The Role of Volunteerism on Social Integration and Adaptation of African Students at a Mid-Western University in the U.S. By Angellar Manguvo (PhD Candidate), University of Missouri; Stephen Whitney, PhD, University of Missouri; and Ottilia Chareka, PhD, St. Francis Xavier University (Canada), pp. 117-128
  4. Strategies to Enhance Student Success: A Discourse Analysis of Academic Advice in International Student Handbooks. By Nick J. Romerhausen, PhD, Eastern Michigan University, pp. 129-139
  5. Studying Overseas: Factors Impacting Intention of Female Students in Mainland China. By Yi (Leaf) Zhang, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington (USA),  Jie Sun (Doctoral Student), Iowa State University (USA), and Linda Serra Hagedorn, PhD, Iowa State University (USA), pp. 140-154
  6. Acculturation, Internet Use, and Psychological Well-being Among Chinese International Students. By Jia Qi Li (Doctoral Candidate), Xun Liu (Doctoral Candidate), Tianlan Wei (Doctoral Student), and William Lan (Chair and Professor),  Texas Tech University (USA), pp. 155-166
  7. International Student Migration: Outcomes and Implications. By Jenny McGill (Doctoral Candidate), King’s College London (UK), pp. 167-181

Reflection/Study Abroad articles

8. Study Abroad: My Experience as an Exchange Student in China. By Jenny Veal (Undergraduate Program), Arkansas State University (USA), pp. 182-189.

Book Reviews

9. Counseling International Students: Clients from Around the World. Reviewed by Raul A. Leon and Jamie Chmiel, Eastern Michigan University (USA), pp. 190-192

10. The Global Nomads Guide to University Transition. Reviewed by Yi (Leaf) Zhang, University of Texas at Arlington (USA), pp. 193-195

11. Forthcoming articles in next volume of the Journal, p. 196

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Published: June 1, 2013