Global Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student Mobility

Bista_Global.inddGlobal Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student Mobility (2016) explores comparative research regarding the implementation of effective strategies needed when working with native and non-native individuals in educational settings. Offering perspectives from international student experiences, as well as views on current mobility trends, immigration policies, and challenges with cultural expectations, this publication will be a critical source for educators, policymakers, and university staff who interact with international students.

Editors –

Krishna Bista (University of Louisiana at Monroe, USA)
Charlotte Foster (Missouri Western State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2016 |Pages: 354 DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9746-1


“This book is very timely and provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of international student mobility. The editors should be congratulated on successfully bringing together the expertise of a wide range of authors from across the world.” – Divya Jindal-Snape, PhD, Professor of Education and Associate Dean, University of Dundee, Scotland

“A very comprehensive and thorough examination of international student mobility. I highly recommend for anyone who works with this important and growing population of college students in the US.” – Jenny J. Lee, PhD, Center for the Study of Higher Education, The University of Arizona, US

  1. International Student Mobility at California Community Colleges (pages 1-15) Rosalind Latiner Raby, Deborah Budd, Andreea Serban, Dianne Van Hook
  2. International Student Mobility Trends between Developed and Developing Countries  (pages 16-35) Xuezhi Liu, Chun Li
  3. Outbound Mobility and Students’ Decision Making Process: A Case of India  (pages 36-52) Rashim Wadhwa
  4. A Mapping Sentence Mereology for Understanding the Mobility of International Students  (pages 53-67)Erin M. Koval, Paul M. W. Hackett, Jessica B. Schwarzenbach
  5. Institutional Asymmetry Regarding Inbound and Outbound Student Migration: Assumptions, Implications, and Policy  (pages 68-92) David Starr-Glass
  6. Moving against the Current: Student Migration to Zimbabwe (pages 93-113) Admire Thonje
  7. Three Approaches to Competing for Global Talent: Role of Higher Education  (pages 114-135) Yulia Shumilova, Yuzhuo Cai
  8. Drifting Houses, Shifting Anchors: A Case of Transnational Higher Education in Korea  (pages 136-152) Hyunyoung Cho, David W. Haines, Karen E. Rosenblum
  9. International Students in Chinese Higher Education: Choices, Expectations, and Experiences by Region of Origin  (pages 153-178) Claire Hu, Christine Min Wotipka, Wen Wen
  10. Choosing the Right Pathway: A Matrix of Influences Related to Selection of Higher Education Destination Abroad  (pages 179-200) Donna M. Velliaris
  11. Pre-Departure Cultural Preparation for International Students: Addressing Adjustment Needs before Study Abroad  (pages 201-222) Tara Madden-Dent, Rita M. Laden
  12. A Review of Literature on Adjustment Issues of International Students: Recommendations for Future Practices and Research (pages 223-242) Eunjin Hwang, Nara M. Martirosyan, George W. Moore
  13. Epistemic Dissonance Encountered: Academic Adaptation Experiences of Chinese Students in a Canadian University (pages 243-261) Xihui Wang, Alenoush Saroyan, Mark Aulls
  14. Help Seeking Behaviors of International Students: Stigma, Acculturation, and Attitudes towards Counseling  (pages 262-280) Susan Boafo-Arthur, Ama Boafo-Arthur
  15. Not Quite Fitting In: Asian International Students in Singapore (pages 281-296) Catherine Gomes
    Foreword by Hans de Wit (Boston College, USA), Helen Forbes-Mewett (Monash University, Australia)