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SIG Membership for 2018 Calendar Year

The CIES Office of the Executive Director (OED) will soon be running elections for all our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). However, only current SIG members for the 2018 calendar year will be eligible to vote for their officers. Even if you are a current CIES member, take a moment to ensure that you have paid your SIG dues for 2018.

To join a SIG, you must log into your CIES membership/CER subscription account through the University of Chicago Press (UCP) website. Once you are logged in, you will see different tabs on the right side of the page. Navigate to the “Manage Subscriptions” tab. You will see a table that should show your subscription to the Comparative Education Review. Click the blue link that is located right next to the title that reads “Join SIG or Donate to CIES” (see graphic below for reference).

You will then be sent to a webpage with two sections: one for contributions and another for CIES SIG dues. Scroll down to the second section and click the corresponding SIGs you wish to join. Afterwards, you will be asked for payment once you hit the submit button. As a reminder, each SIG you join costs $10 (e.g. 3 SIGs will cost $30).

For more in-depth instructions or if you require assistance with the transaction, please contact UCP subscriptions directly at or call (773) 702-7700.
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