International Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global Marketplace

International Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global MarketplaceInternational Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global Marketplace is a critical scholarly resource that examines recent trends in global student mobility in Australia, Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe where the emerging trends and practices are prominent. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as internationalization, cultural identity, and student mobility, this book is geared towards educators, education administrators, education professionals, academicians, researchers, and students.

Editor: Krishna Bista (Morgan State University, USA)   Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 325 ISBN13: 9781522534518|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3451-8 | IGI Global

Reviews and Testimonials

This edited collection on international student mobility draws together authors and research studies from an impressive range of national contexts across Asia, Europe and North America. One of the most notable features of the collection is the way in which a persistent concern with developing alternative, more human, equitable and globally solidaristic models of student mobility that moves beyond currently dominant nationalist framings has been woven through many if not most of the contributions. Such a call is well worth listening to. –Stuart Tannock, UCL Institute of Education, UK

“This important new volume presents a broad and diverse scholarship on international student mobility flows, challenges and opportunities.”-Noah W. Sobe, Loyola University Chicago; Past-President, Comparative and International Education Society

This timely volume assembles chapters on central issues in international student mobility and provides interesting insights into mobility trends, enrollment patterns, student decision-making, academic experiences and self-development, brain drain and employability, as well as policies supporting and impeding mobility in various international contexts.– Dr. Maia Chankseliani, Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

International Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global Marketplace provides an excellent examination of international student mobility from a variety of unique global perspectives.  It will be of great interest to both scholars and practitioners who seek to gain a greater understanding of current international student mobility trends. –Dr. David Comp, Assistant Provost for Global Education, Columbia College Chicago, United States

“When I started reading this volume, I felt like I was stepping into a magical cave. The editor has managed to put together an excellent volume that allows us to listen to voices that we rarely hear in the field of international student mobility (beyond the ‘Western’ world). I was also impressed by the thought-provoking questions that the authors ask in their chapters. There is a need for more volumes like this one on the market.”
— Professor Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki (Finland) and Renmin University of China

Bista and colleagues provide scholarly insights into some of the most pertinent issues impacting international student mobility. While this book should be required reading for senior international officers and enrollment managers, it is also a very useful text for faculty development programs and graduate courses on education, intercultural communication, and public policy. — Dr. David L. Di Maria, Associate Vice Provost for International Education, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (USA)

“Going abroad has long been a rite-de-passage for young people.  But now, in a world of lifelong learning in the context of rapid change, “mobility” is an almost required corollary of living a good life.   As demonstrated by authors of this collection, almost nothing matches the thrills and spills of studying far from home.” –Prof. Dr. Roger Boshier, University of British Columbia (Canada)

“This edited collection of original studies provide invaluable insights into a critical void in the study of transnational educational interactions, student mobilities, and neoliberal globalization in comparative higher education systems with important implications for remapping international student support services and internationalization strategies.” —- Dr. Asabe Poloma, Assistant Dean for International Students, Brown University (USA)

This new and exciting book examines the challenges and issues that international students face during their student mobility lifecycle and how these issues are culturally situated such as based on their country of origin, the countries they visit, their faith and the type of institution. A brilliant book for anyone who is currently or intending to be a professional in international education.Dr. Anesa Hosein, Programme Director of Ph.D. in Higher EducationUniversity of Surrey, (UK) Co-author of, Academics’ International Teaching Journeys: Personal Narratives of Transitions in Higher Education. Bloomsbury (2018)

The theoretical and practical perspectives provided in International Student Mobility and Opportunities for Growth in the Global Marketplace are such a collective sum total larger than its parts in the book. They make readers in higher learning and international education relate to and expand their own horizons as they enhance student mobility and explore further opportunities for their respective institutions and organizations”? –Dr. Luchen Li, Dean of the Office of Global Services, Northeastern University, USA

Table of Contents [CIES Book Launch Form]

  1. International Student Mobility: Examining Trends and Tensions (pages 1-14)  Krishna Bista, Ghanashyam Sharma, Uttam Gaulee 
  2. International Student Mobility: Theoretical Context and Empirical Evidence From Literature (pages 15-30) Rashim Wadhwa
  3. Islamophobia and Mobility of Kurdish Students From Northern Iraq (pages 31-48) Enakshi Sengupta
  4. International Student Mobility, Government Policies, and Neoliberal Globalization: Exploring Chinese Graduate Students’ Perspectives on Pursuing Higher Education in Canada (pages 49-63)Jie Zheng
  5. From Brain Drain to Reverse Brain Drain: Implications for South Asia and the United States of America (pages 64-79) Sara Bano
  6. The New Colombo Plan: Transforming Australian Higher Education’s Outward Mobility Programs? (pages 81-99) Mila Arden, Matthew Piscioneri
  7. Open Minds: Study Abroad and Student Global Perspectives (pages 100-116) Jing Li
  8. Dealing With Cross-Cultural Issues in Culturally Diverse Classrooms: The Case of Dutch Business Schools (pages 117-133) Joost Bücker, Rens Bouw, Alain De Beuckelaer
  9. Dare to Hope: A Critical Examination of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse International Students – Graduate Students’ Experiences in the Southeastern United States (pages 135-146) Dorota Silber-Furman, Lisa Zagumny
  10. The Bridge to America: A Passageway for International Graduate Students (pages 147-159) Tsz Kin Kwok
  11. International Undergraduate Students Coping With Challenges at a Private Faith-Based University (pages 160-173) Renaude Etienne Saint-Phard, Gustavo Gregorutti
  12. It Sharpens My Brain: International Teaching Assistants Develop Communicative Competence (pages 174-189) Yang Wang
  13. Comparing Academic Concerns of International and Domestic Students (pages 190-202) Cody J. Perry, David W. Lausch, Jennifer Weatherford
  14. Career Counseling for International Students: Using the Framework of Social Cognitive Career Theory (pages 203-213) Gökçe Bulgan, Ayşe Çiftçi
  15. Analysis of Factors Influencing Chinese Undergraduate Students’ Choice of Foreign Postgraduate Education (pages 215-245) Genshu Lu, Mei Tian, Man Hong Lai
  16. Interest and Intent in Pursuing Higher Education: Nepali Students’ Perceptions on Study Abroad Experiences (pages 246-260) Michelle Welsch
  17. Promoting U.S. Community Colleges in Sweden: From the Perspective of Swedish Education Agents (pages 261-278) Ashley Marie Sansotta

Foreword  by Rahul Choudaha (StudyPortals) Catherine Gomes (RMIT, Australia)