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The Journal of International Students (Print ISSN 2162-3104 Online ISSN 2166-3750) is currently accepting applications for the following positions of the editorial board.

  1. Guest Editors
  2. Consulting Editors
  3. Assistant Editors
  4. Copy (Research & Reflections) Editors
  5. Book Review Editors
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All editorial members serve a three-year term and can anticipate being asked to review or edit approximately 3 manuscripts per year. The review members or editors hold doctoral degrees, have a minimum of a year experience in higher education, and have expertise in writing and publication.

Further, the review members agree to return reviews within four weeks of receipt and to assume a dual role of gatekeeper and shaper of research in the field of international students by providing a rigorous review of manuscripts submitted for publication by offering constructive and encouraging feedback to mentor fellow researchers.

Recognition and Benefits: This is an academic opportunity to engage in a significant research activity, view research first hand, and participate in the evaluation of scholarly research. In addition, as a review board member, you name and affiliation will appear on the Journal’s website and both print and online volumes. Individual may use this service towards doctoral degree requirement, faculty tenure and promotion activities. You will also receive a free digital volume of the Journal. However, there is no monetary reward as all positions in the Journal are unpaid.

Individuals (including doctoral students) are invited to submit current curriculum vitae with research interests to the Editor at as well as fill out the following Form.

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