What Prominent Researchers/Authors Say about the Journal?

As an editor-in-chief myself, I know all the opportunities and challenges that such a role presents. Congratulations on the production of a lively, timely, and interesting journal. I am pleased that the journal is addressing the needs of a higher education that is increasingly global.” Dr. Milton D. Cox, Professor (Miami University), and Editor-in-Chief, Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and The Learning Communities Journal

“The variety of contributions and contributors to the journal is impressive and confirms that both academics and students have actively and creatively engaged with it. Through its online presence the journal draws together a globally distributed network of academics and students who ensure that the journal presents much more than a singularly ‘western’ perspective with contributions from all over the globe, including Taiwan, Nepal, Finland, Turkey and the UK, to name but a few. It is definitely worth a read!”                                     Dr. Catherine Montgomery, University of Hull(UK). Author of Understanding the International Student Experience (Palgrave, UK: Macmillan, 2010)

“This journal represents an important scholarly contribution to ongoing debates and discussions concerning international students.  I’m particularly impressed by the variety of issues and topics covered and the quality of insights provided.  As such, the journal is an extremely interesting and useful academic resource – I look forward to reading future issues!”Dr. Brendan Bartram, University of Wolverhampton(UK), Author of Attitudes to Modern Language Learning – Insights from Comparative Education (2010)

“After four issues in two years it is clear that this journal is establishing itself as a valuable avenue for the dissemination of studies focused on international students.”Prof. Dr. J. W. M. (Hans) de Wit, Professor, and Editor, Journal of Studies in International Education

“The Journal of International Students is a timely and remarkable manifestation of positive effort in an area that has become integral to university campuses worldwide and is increasingly gaining attention; that which addresses the rich lives and experiences of the group labelled ‘international students’”-Dr. Joanna Al-Youssef, Nottingham University (UK), contributor, International Students Negotiating Higher Education: Critical Perspectives (2012)

A valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the impact of globalisation upon the experience of learners and educators within higher education. – Dr. Elizabeth Rider-Grant, Higher Education Consultant and Curriculum,  University College London