Relevant Bibliography

Books on International Students

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Online Resources

  1. How International Students and Scholars in the United States Can Tackle Visa Sponsorship Challenges? By Michael P. Miller
  2. Federal Taxation Essentials for International Students in the U.S. By Zdravka Zlateva
  3. International Student Studies/Cross-Cultural Teaching Learning: Bibliography


  1. SEVIS Quarterly Review [2012] [2013] [2014]: student and exchange visitor information system and trends of international students and scholars by the types of visa and programs
  2. Sprintax – the online US tax filing solution for international students (for more info, contact: Jennifer Gallagher )
  3.  International Student Network :online resource for international students around the world offering resources, information, services, and products for international students
  4. List of articles published in 2013 This bibliography includes selected articles related to international students, published in 2013.

Articles Related to International Students (Published elsewhere in 2014)

  1.  A Study Of International Undergraduate Students Taking Online Courses: Group And Organizational Socialization Theory
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News Articles related to International Students (published in the Chronicle of Higher Education)

Complied by: Krishna Bista

1.     A Passage From India: Lessons From an International Student’s Journey
2.     ACT Offshoot to Test International Students
3.     Actions by Congress and State Dept. May Ease International Student Exchanges
4.     Admissions Group Seeks Views on Statement Opposing Foreign-Recruitment Agents
5.     Admissions Group Wants to Hear All Views on Paying International-Student Recruiters
6.     An International-Student Adviser Faces Rumors, Fear, and Prejudice
7.     Australia to Relax Visa Rules for Indian and Chinese Students
8.     Australia to Subject International Students to Biometric Scans
9.     Australian Survey Finds Majority of International Students Feel Safe
10.  Australia’s New Foreign-Student Strategy Is Criticized
11.  Britain Will Allow International Students to Stay an Extra Year
12.  British University Struggles to Deal With Abrupt Denial of Foreign Enrollments
13.  Bush Administration May Bar Some International Students From ‘Sensitive’ Academic Fields
14.  Campuses Focus More on Meeting International Students’ Needs
15.  Canada Looks to Solidify Gains in the International-Student Market
16.  Canadian Universities Announce New Graduate Scholarships for Indian Students
17.  China Considers Tighter Rules on International-Student Recruiters
18.  China Continues to Drive International-Student Growth in the U.S.
19.  China Overtook India as Largest Source of International Students in 2009-10
20.  College 101 for International Students
21.  Colleges Are Warned Against a ‘Gold Rush’ Pursuit of International Students
22.  Colleges Educate a New Kind of International Student
23.  Colleges Extend Conditional Admissions to Pull In More International Students
24.  Colliding Deadlines May Create a ‘Perfect Storm’ for International-Student Offices
25.  Competition Increases for Foreign Students
26.  Course Cuts at Cal State Put International Students in a Bind
27.  Diversity Aside, International Students Bring a Financial Incentive
28.  Drawing International Students May Be Key to Atlantic Canada’s Future
29.  Education Leaders Ask: What Do International Students Want Now?
30.  Educators Say Australian Government Must Do More to Slow Drop in International Students
31.  Educators Suggest ‘Mental-Health First Aid’ for International Students
32.  Educators Suggest ‘Mental-Health First Aid’ for International Students
33.  European Business Schools Pull International Students Away From U.S.
34.  For International Students, Mood May Matter More Than Money, Australians Find
35.  Graduate Schools Again Admit More International Students
36.  Hacker Breaks Into Database for Tracking International Students at UNLV
37.  Hobsons Pulls Out of International-Student Recruiting
38.  Immigration Debates Heighten Scrutiny of International Students Worldwide
39.  International Student Identity Card Now Good in E. Europe
40.  International Students and National Security
41.  International Students Are at Risk of Life and Dignity
42.  International Students Are Returning to Japan, Survey Shows
43.  International Students Ask: Is It Safe to Study in the U.S.?
44.  International Students at Campus Raided by Federal Agents Worry About Their Future
45.  International Students Help Berkeley Fill Budget Gap
46.  International Students in Science Classes
47.  International-Student Boom in Britain Has Paid Dividends for Universities,
48.  Middle Eastern Students Shut Out of the U.S. Turn to Australia and New Zealand
49.  Most International Students in Australia Are Satisfied With Educational Experience
50.  New Group Strives to Protect International Students in Australia
51.  New Report Highlights Trends in International Student Mobility
52.  New Twists in Online Recruiting of International Students
53.  Private Equity Steps Into the International-Student Market
54.  Report Urges More Aggressive Recruiting of International Students to U.S. Colleges
55.  Salem International Student Faces Charges for Fake-Bomb Stunt in Class
56.  Saudi Arabia Brings Home 512 International Students Because of Poor Performance
57.  Students Reject Prague’s International Student Union
58.  Subcommittees Debate Proposal to Bring International Students to U.S.
59.  SUNY to Make Major Push to Increase International-Student Enrollments
60.  Treatment of International Students Is a Hot Topic at European Conference
61.  U. of Massachusetts Must Drop $65 Fee for International Students, Arbitrator Rules
62.  U. of Southern California Enrolled the Most International Students in 2009-10
63.  U.S. Colleges Focus On Making International Students Feel at Home
64.  U.S. Colleges With the Most International Students
65.  Universities Reimburse International Students $100 for Sevis Fee
66.  Weighing Ethical Issues in International Recruitment
67.  What Do International Students Want? Jobs
68.  Where the International Students Are, State by State
69.  Williams College Ends Need-Blind Admissions for International Students
70.  Wisconsin’s Stance on International Students and Union Changed, Message Suggests

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