2012 Volume 2(1)

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Study Abroad/ Reflections

  1.  Contact Zone in TESOL: East and West Immersion. By Young-Kyung Min, PhD, University of Washington at Bothell (USA)
  2. Multicultural Expedition into Mindfulness among High School Students. By Jonathan Owen & Prathyusha Kalavala, Arkansas State University (USA)

Peer-reviewed Articles

  1. University Students’ Perceptions of Conflict Resolution. By James F. Scorzelli, PhD, Northeastern University (USA)
  2.  Accent Assessment: A Preliminary Study of Scaling Validity. By  D. Mike McDaniel, PhD; Richard A. Neeley, PhD; Julie J. Isaacson, MSN; G. Daniel Howard, PhD Arkansas State University (USA)
  3. A Place We Call “Home” –International Students in Virtual Context.  By Zheng Zhu (Doctoral Student), Washington State University, WA (USA)
  4. Non-native English Students’ Linguistic and Cultural Challenges in Australia. By Noparat Tananuraksakul, PhD, South-East Asia University (Thailand) 
  5. Comparison of American and Chinese College Students’ Perception of Instructor Authority. By Ting Li (Doctoral Student), Miami University (USA)

Professional Book Reviews

  1. Who Goes Where and Why: An Overview and Analysis of Global Educational Mobility. Reviewed by Krishna Bista, Arkansas State University (USA)
  2. Second Language Learning: Cultural Adaptation Processes in International Graduate Students in U.S. Universities. Reviewed by Mariella Espinoza Herold, Northern Arizona University (USA)
  3. International Students in American Colleges and Universities: A History. Reviewed by Ling Gao LeBeau, Indiana University at Bloomington (USA)
  4. Higher Education and International Student Mobility in the Global Knowledge Economy. Reviewed by Darla Fletcher, Arkansas State University (USA)
  5. Between Speaking and Silence: A Study of Quiet Students. Reviewed by Charlotte Foster, Missouri Western State University (USA)
  6. Succeeding as an international student in the United States and Canada. Reviewed by Amrita Bhandari, International Faith Theology (USA)
  7. Editors, Copy Editors and Reviewers for Spring 2012 Edition

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