Guide for Authors

All submissions should be prepared according to the style guidelines of the Journal. Manuscripts should:

  • represent original works that have not been published elsewhere nor submitted to another journal for publication;
  • indicate that the Institutional Review Board (IRB) human subjects approval was secured, or explain why it was not required;
  • include a definition of an international student as defined by its government or institution;
  • cite current theoretical and empirically-based literature/articles published in last 5 years (35%);
  • report sample size, population, confidence interval, and effect size, if applicable;
  • be written in language that is engaging, lively, and direct, using active voice whenever possible;
  • have removed all identifying information from the blind copy of the manuscript; and
  • be thoroughly reviewed and copy-edited prior to submission.

The journal does not publish footnotes or endnotes. Authors are encouraged to cite relevant articles published in the Journal of International Students in their manuscripts.

Authors may review current issues of the journal for examples of published articles, as well as a list of topics that the journal focuses on. Authors are encouraged to review the list of criteria used to evaluate manuscripts.

Editorial Correspondence

Contact us at with questions about submissions.