Among the topics that Journal focuses on are:

  • Abuse/assaults/discrimination/prejudice against international students
  • Academic adjustment of international students and scholars
Academic advisor-international student relationships
  • Academic and immigration advisors
  • Accommodation/housing for international students
  • Adjustment needs, issues, patterns and success stories
  • Adjustment/acculturation of international students and scholars
Alienation, loneliness, and security for international students
Banking services for international students
  • Campus services and satisfaction of international students
  • Campus support services and international students
  • Classroom behavior/international patterns of international students
College culture (classroom expectations, academic honesty, plagiarism)
  • College experience of international students
College search, program of choices, reliability of university website
  • Communication problems and language issues
  • Counseling, mental health and help-seeking behavior of international students
Cross-border networking/connections with homes
  • Cross-cultural encounters/intercultural relations
  • Cross-cultural studies (adjustment, culture shock, acculturation, self-esteem)
Cultural differences/cultural essentialism
  • Cultural identity, national identity, cross- cultural identity
  • Culture shock, loneliness and personal networks
  • Educational agents/educational consultancies/marketing/recruitment
Educational services for overseas students (ESOS)
  • English as a second language programs for international students
  • English language proficiency, learning outcomes, college experience
  • Enrollments and tuition revenues
Ethnic and minority students, college diversity
  • Ethnocentrism/cultural sensitivity
Expectations, experiences and resources for international GA/GTAs
Faculty-study relations, peer relationships for international students
  • Foreign credentials and GPA evaluations
  • Foreign policy, international policy, immigration policy
  • Fulbright program, educational experience and study abroad
  • Gender, gender -based violence, discrimination
Global mobility/global citizenship/global student market
  • Global student market/international experience in the workforce
  • Globalization and international education
  • Globalization, internationalization, cultural influences
  • Graduate international student support programs
  • Health insurance, health benefits of international students
Higher educational policies of sending and hosting countries
  • Housing, homestay and college hostels
  • Immigration issues and visa policies of international students
  • Individualism and collectivism for international students
  • Intercultural communication, intercultural relations, student involvement
  • Intercultural relations and international students
International education/transnational education/cross-broader education
International STEM students and government interests
  • International student admission requirement and college programs
International student college success
  • International student concerns
  • International student criminals
  • International student GA/TA/RA development programs
  • International student organizations and clubs
  • International student retention, admissions, transfer, support systems
  • International student visa, change of status, transfer
Internationalization of teaching, learning and research
Intimacy, self-respect, self-esteem, and life style of international students
Islam, Muslim students and student college experience
  • Language factors/language proficiency/communication/networks
  • Multiculturalism, diversity, hybridity and diaspora
  • Overseas study, learning/teaching styles, class participation
  • Psychological trends and issues of international students
  • Racial profiling, racial stereotyping
Regulatory protection
Relationship with universities, faculty, staff and community members
  • Rights to work, off and on-campus employments/International student workers,
  • Role of bridge programs and student success
  • Role of immigration advisors/visa monitoring
  • Roles and responsibility of provider institutions
  • Scholarships, grants and fellowships for international students
Security of international students
  • Stereotypes/segregation/ taboos
  • Social and economic security of international students
  • Social networks of international students/same-culture networking
  • Spouses and dependents of international students
  • Student online forum and use of networking and technology
  • Student visa, immigration rules and SEVIS
  • Students’ consumer rights and protection
  • Study abroad preparation, role of agents or consultancies
Tax/tax returns and SSN, rights and entitlements
Technology and international students
  • Trends and issues of international student and scholar mobility