2013 Volume 3(1)

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

1. Study Abroad and Cultural Learning through Fulbright and other International Scholarships: A Holistic Student Development. By Madalina Akli, PhD, Rice University (USA), pp. 1-9.

2. Educating Chinese, Japanese, and Korean International Students: Recommendations to American ProfessorsBy Shelly R. Roy, (Doctoral Candidate), Fairmont State University (USA), pp. 10-16.

3. International Students in the United States: Social and Psychological Adjustment. By Michelle Jackson (Doctoral Student), Sukanya Ray, PhD, and Danica Bybell (Graduate Student), Suffolk University (USA), pp. 17-28.

4. Preparedness of Chinese Students for American Culture and Communicating in English. By Melody S. Rawlings, EdD, Chinese American Cultural Exchange Foundation (USA) and Edna Sue, PhD, Chinese American Association of Cincinnati (USA), pp. 29-40.

5. The Effects of Collectivism-Individualism on the Cooperative Learning of Motor Skill. By Yi Luo (PhD Candidate); Yan Sun (PhD Candidate); and Johannes Strobel, PhD, Purdue University (USA), pp. 41-51.

6. International Students’ Likelihood to Seek Counseling while Studying Abroad. By Adebayo I. Onabule, EdS, Macon State College (USA) and Susan R. Boes, PhD, University of West Georgia (USA), pp. 52-59.

Reflection/Study Abroad articles

7. The Culture of Hospitality in Moldova and the United States. By Anastasiia Dobrovolska and Rolf Holtz, Troy University (USA), pp. 61-63.

8. Vocabulary Acquisition: Practical Strategies for ESL Students. By Young-Kyung Min, PhD, University of Washington at Bothell (USA), pp. 64-69.

9. German-English Communication: A Cross-Cultural Challenge. By Sarah Watzky, St. Cloud State University (USA), pp. 70-71.

10. “He is an Idiot!” Experiences of International Students in the United States. By Jongyeon Ee (PhD Candidate), University of California at Los Angeles (USA), pp. 72-75.

Book Reviews

11. The International Student’s Guide to UK Education: Unlocking University Life and Culture. Reviewed by Paul Sudnik, Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany), pp. 76-77.

12. 2012 Doctoral Dissertations on International Students. By Krishna Bista, Arkansas State University (USA), pp. 78-82.

JIS Editors and Reviewers from December 2011 to December 2012, pp. 83-84.

Published and printed on 4th Jan 2013